Not Yet Released
0000994: [feature request] more control over virtual command flushing (Hans Hagen)
0000522: [feature request] token.write() (Hans Hagen)
2 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000594: [luatex bug] Lua font loading: out-of-range Lua numbers are not intercepted (Taco)
1 issue View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000975: [feature request] adding hmcount (hyphenationmincount) (Hans Hagen)
0000974: [luatex bug] vsplit box with unbreakable content differs from pdftex (Hans Hagen)
2 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000971: [luatex bug] Actually version 0.95.0 (Tex Live 2016) \magnification broken (Hans Hagen)
1 issue View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000625: [feature request] horizontal kerns (reminder of discussion t/h) / reminder of pending issue (Hans Hagen)
0000967: [luatex bug] "bad glyph index" error upon using some cid-keyed opentype fonts (Hans Hagen)
0000965: [luatex bug] "checksum mismatch" warnings on 64bit system for OVF/OFM fonts (luigi scarso)
0000964: [luatex bug] segfault when a file is opened in the Lua initialization script and the recorder feature is on (luigi scarso)
4 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000962: [luatex bug] Texinfo macro @html and @quotation failed (Hans Hagen)
0000961: [to be considered] Output management of system (cmd) in texmfmp.c (Hans Hagen)
2 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000958: [luatex limitation] check status.filename (Hans Hagen)
0000956: [luatex bug] lfs fails to restore umask after mkdir (luigi scarso)
2 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000265: [feature request] Make mathsurround a glue (Hans Hagen)
0000951: [luatex limitation] 20 gig pdf files cannot be loaded by the poppler lib (luigi scarso)
0000312: [feature request] xform interface at lua end (Hans Hagen)
0000756: [feature request] fonts table in virtual font (Hans Hagen)
0000792: [feature request] Make "reader" in "open_read_file" return a line number beside the string. (Hans Hagen)
0000692: [feature request] font id extras (reminder of discussion) (Hans Hagen)
0000706: [feature request] \Umathcode might be turned into a convert command (Hans Hagen)
0000730: [luatex bug] fea-file loading not listed in -recorder (Hans Hagen)
0000095: [feature request] Possibility to specify catcode table when setting a toks register from Lua (Hans Hagen)
0000852: [luatex bug] Ignored italic correction in math with lua(la)tex format when catcodes are set to letter. (Hans Hagen)
0000729: [luatex bug] Placement of \limits (Hans Hagen)
0000816: [luatex bug] \rightmarginkern bugs (Hans Hagen)
0000564: [luatex bug] The \ifincsname bug (Taco)
0000803: [luatex bug] needs checking: linebreak filter message (Hans Hagen)
14 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000875: [luatex bug] Solve duplicate generated glyph names issue (Hans Hagen)
0000355: [feature request] adjustlevel 3 / no kern scaling (Hans Hagen)
0000666: [luatex bug] Glues in disc.replace can't happen. (Hans Hagen)
0000827: [luatex bug] \openin doesn't find files without extension (Hans Hagen)
0000898: [luatex bug] \showtokens oddities (Hans Hagen)
0000728: [luatex bug] \ifincsname broken (Hans Hagen)
6 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000709: [luatex bug] \tracinglostchars is ignored (Taco)
0000836: [luatex bug] Error handling in bad format file could be improved (luigi scarso)
0000754: [luatex bug] flags (Hans Hagen)
0000908: [luatex bug] LuaTeX crashes when using font cons.ttf (luigi scarso)
0000930: [feature request] Add \totalhyphenmin to prevent hyphenation of small words (Hans Hagen)
0000676: [documentation] Syntax for horizontal delimiters is undocumented (Hans Hagen)
0000934: [luatex bug] 0.80.0 This can't happen (sub_disc_widths) (Hans Hagen)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2015-05-06
experimental version, e.g. lua 5.3
0000723: [luatex bug] \prevdepth isn't updated after \halign. (Taco)
0000623: [feature request] horizontal penalties (reminder of discussion t/h) (Hans Hagen)
0000600: [luatex bug] "nop" in virtual fonts (hhenkel)
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Not Yet Released
0000917: [luatex bug] crash on old .fmt file (luigi scarso)
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Released 2013-12-20
0000192: [feature request] Improve display formula handling (Hans Hagen)
0000227: [feature request] OT Math: implement Skewed Fractions (Hans Hagen)
0000589: [luatex bug] Various prevdepth / prevgraph lua interface things (Hans Hagen)
0000672: [luatex bug] attributes get lost in eqno (Hans Hagen)
0000567: [feature request] overful box (reminder of discussion) (Hans Hagen)
0000367: [luatex limitation] reconsider test for valid primitive / reminder for taco and me (Hans Hagen)
0000755: [feature request] help info (Hans Hagen)
0000823: [feature request] abovewithdelims (Hans Hagen)
0000444: [feature request] support \write files in texio (Hans Hagen)
0000713: [luatex limitation] Not enough write registers (Hans Hagen)
0000894: [luatex limitation] error line (Hans Hagen)
0000420: [feature request] add last error messages to the status table (Hans Hagen)
0000664: [feature request] intercept pdf warnings (Hans Hagen)
0000735: [luatex bug] The output of \errhelp (Hans Hagen)
0000902: [luatex bug] \expandafter\show issue (Hans Hagen)
0000747: [luatex bug] Error when removing last node in ligaturing and kerning callbacks. (Hans Hagen)
0000553: [feature request] Suggestion: an inner noad with extended behavior regarding spacing (Hans Hagen)
0000233: [feature request] Math accent overlay needed? (Hans Hagen)
0000788: [feature request] math parameters (Hans Hagen)
0000500: [feature request] I can't find a lua equivalent for \pdfcolorstackinit (Hans Hagen)
0000568: [luatex bug] Inconsistent error handling behavior with virtual fonts (Hans Hagen)
0000899: [luatex bug] luazip core dump (luigi scarso)
0000770: [luatex bug] Hyperlinks wrongly placed if rotated or in landscape mode (Hans Hagen)
0000840: [luatex bug] Hyperlinks wrongly placed if resized (Hans Hagen)
0000598: [luatex bug] Links disappear in boxes used with \copy. (Hans Hagen)
0000561: [feature request] No indirect reference in user action for \pdfoutline. (Hans Hagen)
0000674: [feature request] tex.getmathcode: return 3 numbers instead of table (Hans Hagen)
0000663: [feature request] tex.dimen cum suis (Hans Hagen)
0000604: [feature request] Use normal delimiter scaling when FractionDelimiter(DisplayStyle)Size is not defined (Hans Hagen)
0000892: [luatex bug] luafontloader memleak patches (luigi scarso)
0000410: [feature request] Unicode character large operator subtypes (Hans Hagen)
0000488: [luatex limitation] Wide space after non scripted integrals (Hans Hagen)
0000727: [luatex bug] Vertical centering of bigops and integrals is wrong (Hans Hagen)
0000952: [to be considered] \Umathstretched (was 0000795) (Hans Hagen)
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Not Yet Released
0000873: [luatex bug] node.unset_attribute of version 0.78 does not work (Taco)
1 issue View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000828: [luatex bug] CFF error (luigi scarso)
0000845: [luatex bug] Parsing CFF dict (error=-1) occurs (luigi scarso)
0000848: [luatex bug] LuaTeX creates bad pdf for (some?) CJK fonts (Hans Hagen)
0000864: [luatex bug] different italicangle in and (Hans Hagen)
0000825: [luatex bug] Loading a format that includes unicode-math and a loaded math font crashes luaTeX (Hans Hagen)
0000483: [texlua bug] Can't use non-ascii characters in function names (luigi scarso)
0000587: [luatex bug] backend problem with font MnSymbol12.otf (Hans Hagen)
0000710: [luatex bug] 0xFFFD (reminder, will be fixed when code base is stable again) (Taco)
0000757: [luatex bug] FFFD (Taco)
9 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000156: [feature request] new primitive \Uchar (Taco)
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Not Yet Released
0000546: [feature request] lpeg 0.10.1 (Taco)
0000764: [luatex bug] Inclusion of pdfs in draftmode triggers Assertion `pdf->zip_write_state==NO_ZIP' failed (hhenkel)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2011-04-12
0000595: [feature request] Lua font loading: ignore unknown enumeration keys in MATH and parameters (Taco)
0000518: [luatex bug] problem with callbacks that are not supposed to return anything (Taco)
0000556: [luatex bug] bad use of strcpy (Taco)
0000549: [luatex bug] Fails to compile (Taco)
0000548: [luatex bug] Possible fencepost error in math parameter counting (Taco)
0000547: [luatex bug] Family numbers > 255 are allowed (Taco)
0000541: [luatex bug] Image inclusion fails in draft mode (hhenkel)
0000540: [luatex bug] draftmode creates output file with zero bytes (hhenkel)
0000538: [luatex bug] Assertion fails in dviluatex when font ptmr8t used (hhenkel)
0000601: [luatex bug] node.fields bug (Taco)
0000599: [documentation] unsetting attributes in the manual (Taco)
0000593: [luatex bug] \escapechar ignored by \meaning (Taco)
0000592: [luatex bug] linebreak_filter doesn't do its default job when tex.linebreak is used. (Taco)
0000586: [luatex bug] wrong px default (Taco)
0000558: [luatex bug] \directlua followed by \pdfximage generates error if draft mode is active (Taco)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2010-12-13
0000516: [luatex bug] FontForge bug makes Cambria Math accents look bad (Taco)
0000489: [luatex bug] check handling of extensible \Umathaccent s (Taco)
0000509: [feature request] Non-growing math accents (Taco)
0000520: [luatex bug] Calculation of top math accent shifts (Taco)
0000507: [luatex bug] Misplaced math accents over all classes but 0 and 7 (Taco)
0000418: [feature request] prepare for libpng 1.4 (oneiros)
0000519: [luatex bug] LuaTeX writes SyncTeX file to current directory (Taco)
0000514: [feature request] node.type (Taco)
0000513: [feature request] Rename <node>.list to <node>.content (Taco)
0000511: [feature request] Return fontforge warning with fontloader.apply_featutrefile() (Taco)
0000503: [luatex bug] something is fishy with scan_keyword (Taco)
0000498: [luatex bug] \jobname jumble (Taco)
0000495: [luatex bug] <box>.list.prev should be zeroed (Taco)
0000491: [feature request] and node.prev (Taco)
0000486: [luatex bug] combining letterspacing and expansion causes crash (Taco)
0000397: [luatex bug] Mac OS X 10.6 fonts problems (Taco)
0000480: [luatex bug] suddenly pdf inclusion is slow (hhenkel)
0000521: [documentation] please document how the job name and the names of the output files are chosen (Taco)
0000524: [documentation] describe discretionary chains better (Taco)
0000525: [luatex bug] Segmentation fault on 32-bit linux (Taco)
0000526: [luatex limitation] linebreak_filter callback requires a last line box (Taco)
0000533: [luatex bug] Can't assign to \dimen65535 (Taco)
0000512: [luatex bug] ToUnicode maps should not cross byte boundaries (Taco)
23 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000387: [luatex bug] pdf.immediateobj() inside \latelua creates invalid output pdf
0000414: [feature request] message image error (Taco)
0000447: [luatex bug] weird font expansion bug (Taco)
0000463: [luatex bug] Small memory leaks in luatex (Taco)
0000468: [luatex bug] Segfault with an empty font (Taco)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2010-08-23
0000466: [luatex bug] script position of textstyle operators (Taco)
0000364: [feature request] lccode in lua (Taco)
0000434: [luatex bug] reminder: a couple of glitches in pdf production (Taco)
0000436: [feature request] pdfpageref (hhenkel)
0000437: [luatex bug] soul.sty does not work (Taco)
0000445: [luatex bug] epdf crash (Taco)
0000454: [feature request] reminder: code functions (Taco)
0000465: [luatex bug] vf fonts (Taco)
8 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000395: [luatex bug] \Ustopdisplaymath does not work with math alignment displays (Taco)
0000401: [feature request] Lua interface to \errmessage (Taco)
0000413: [feature request] callback pre_dump (Taco)
0000435: [luatex bug] \letterspacefont is broken (Taco)
4 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000314: [luatex bug] Problem with a .pk file (Taco)
0000200: [luatex bug] Problem with CFF fonts having em-size other than 1000 (hhenkel)
0000350: [luatex limitation] second argument node.copy (Taco)
3 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000316: [feature request] Incorporate synctex 1.10 (Taco)
0000317: [luatex bug] can't load fonts with parens (Taco)
0000315: [luatex bug] \write error with docstrip package (Taco)
0000347: [luatex bug] attempt to index a thread value (Taco)
0000344: [feature request] allow lua access to nest[] and cur_list (Taco)
0000341: [feature request] tex.sprint() with different catcodes (Taco)
0000340: [feature request] Call line breaking algorithm from lua (Taco)
0000339: [feature request] Various small extensions to the lua kpse module table (Taco)
0000338: [feature request] Add GetShortPathName support for Win32 (Taco)
0000336: [luatex limitation] solution to follow links (Taco)
0000335: [feature request] split prevdepth and spacefactor (Taco)
0000333: [feature request] \shipout as a lua function (Taco)
0000326: [luatex bug] trunk version of luatex crashes with AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf (Taco)
0000325: [luatex bug] lpeg/coroutines segfaults on 64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) (Taco)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2009-12-18
0000206: [luatex bug] \atopwidthdelims does not work for OT MATH fonts (Taco)
0000024: [luatex limitation] support font matrix manipulation for non-type1 fonts (hhenkel)
0000244: [feature request] \pdfregisterannot <objnum> (Taco)
0000257: [feature request] attributes in relation to linebreaks (Taco)
0000282: [luatex limitation] Solve problem with pdf inclusion and maximum number of open files (Taco)
0000294: [luatex bug] corrupt pdf file due to no check for inclusion change (Taco)
0000305: [luatex limitation] some pending \pdf* primitives with no lua counterpart (Taco)
0000307: [luatex bug] potential leak of attribute nodes (Taco)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2009-11-26
0000286: [luatex bug] fix cambria script placement for large ops (Taco)
0000256: [feature request] way to recognize lines (Taco)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2009-11-18
0000196: [feature request] using kpathsea to find require files (Taco)
0000203: [feature request] new primitives for & (Taco)
0000276: [luatex bug] context fails to load a pdf image file (hhenkel)
0000295: [luatex bug] kpathsearch warning (Taco)
0000296: [luatex bug] package.path broken
0000280: [luatex bug] luatex does not really include wide fonts in full (Taco)
0000284: [luatex bug] crash when <tfmtable>.name = nil (Taco)
0000290: [luatex bug] lualatex and expl3 packages (Taco)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2009-10-27
0000281: [luatex bug] embedding="no" of opentype or truetype fonts (Taco)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2009-08-19
0000248: [feature request] flag in tfm table that inhibits math (Taco)
0000133: [feature request] Support dfont fonts (at least the sfnt based ones) in the backend (Taco)
0000224: [feature request] Convert pascal to C (Taco)
0000236: [luatex limitation] Creating pdf streams with pdf.immediateobj (hhenkel)
0000241: [luatex bug] \relax confuses box spec parser (Taco)
0000245: [luatex bug] tex.set does not catch unknown names (Taco)
0000253: [luatex bug] buglet in attr parser (Taco)
0000254: [luatex bug] Ecclesiastic Latin hyphenation - accented vowels cause hyphenation to fail (Taco)
8 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
0000968: [feature request] attr in savestack box (Hans Hagen)
0000955: [feature request] remove old token scanner and sanitize some key/values in new (Hans Hagen)
0000576: [feature request] Add a key for font spline type in fontloader.to_table() (Hans Hagen)
0000457: [feature request] reminder: par related info (Hans Hagen)
0000966: [luatex limitation] LuaJITTeX's `loadfile` behaves like 5.1 while `load` behaves like 5.2 (luigi scarso)
0000944: [luatex bug] wrong glyph mapping with updated IPAex font from texlive 2015 (Hans Hagen)
0000938: [feature request] print with explicit catcode (Hans Hagen)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2009-05-06
0000250: [luatex bug] misplaced math (TLT) displays in TRT mode (Taco)
0000529: [feature request] Adapt to libpng 1.4.x (oneiros)
0000602: [documentation] undocumented values of mode for pdf_literal nodes (Taco)
0000615: [luatex bug] LuaTeX writes recorder file to current instead of output directory (Taco)
0000619: [luatex bug] wrong font name is embedded for not font subsets (Taco)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2009-05-06
tex live release
0000925: [luatex bug] No hyphenation when \lccodes zero with explicit hyphens (Hans Hagen)
0000928: [feature request] add penalty field to disc node (Hans Hagen)
0000905: [luatex bug] tex.pdftexbanner has duplicate tldev mentioning (luigi scarso)
0000920: [luatex bug] Possible bug when accessing stats library (Hans Hagen)
0000909: [luatex bug] log files lacks \openout lines (Hans Hagen)
0000842: [luatex bug] \hyphenpenalty is not taken into account (Hans Hagen)
0000667: [feature request] permit \par in mathmode (reminder) (Hans Hagen)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2009-05-06
0000345: [luatex bug] Kerning is not perfect in math mode (Taco)
0000352: [luatex bug] \lastlinefit does not work in context mkiv (Taco)
0000353: [luatex bug] crash on 64bit (Taco)
0000354: [luatex bug] bad error message (Taco)
0000356: [luatex bug] leftskip has no effect (Taco)
0000357: [distribution and packaging] import new mplib (Taco)
0000358: [luatex bug] fix compiler warnings for new kpathsea (Taco)
0000361: [mplib bug] Crash if mp:execute() called with no param (Taco)
0000363: [luatex bug] dofile(nil) in batchmode (Taco)
0000368: [feature request] pdfpageresources cum suis (hhenkel)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2009-04-10
0000157: [luatex bug] attributes leak in noads (Taco)
0000170: [luatex bug] In ConTeXt mkiv in lm mode, combined superscripts are too low (Taco)
0000190: [feature request] Merge simple noads (Taco)
0000191: [feature request] Implement staggered math kerning (Taco)
0000038: [feature request] new primitives for _ ^ $ $ $$ $$ (Taco)
0000164: [feature request] disabling callback related functions (Taco)
0000067: [luatex bug] fmt files are platform dependent (Taco)
0000071: [luatex bug] Incorrect display formula placement in TRT documents (Taco)
0000154: [luatex bug] Empty \local..boxes are creating problems (Taco)
0000195: [feature request] Update lua components (Taco)
0000202: [luatex bug] a few issues with status (Taco)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-20
0000161: [luatex bug] \outer has no effect (Taco)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2009-02-24
0000013: [luatex bug] attributes do not work in math mode (Hans Hagen)
0000153: [luatex bug] Fontforge font load memory leak (Taco)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2008-12-05
0000085: [feature request] Allow access to the FF PfED table (Taco)
0000132: [documentation] typo in manual: tex.get_next() instead of token.get_next() (4.2.3) (Taco)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2008-11-24
0000102: [luatex bug] Hyphenation errors (Taco)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2008-07-18
0000041: [luatex bug] pdf inclusion is not in sync with pdftex, esp grouping issues give problems (hhenkel)
0000044: [feature request] Merge latest pdftex (1.40.8) (Taco)
       0000058: [luatex bug] Font contains a bad BBox (Taco)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2008-06-24
0000015: [luatex bug] multiple \textdir commands in a single-line paragraph
0000025: [luatex bug] Crash on type1 font (Taco)
0000028: [luatex bug] Whatever is in argv[0] becomes the default format name, including suffix and path (Taco)
0000032: [luatex bug] CID font output of LuaTeX is too thin (Taco)
0000033: [luatex bug] Minimal paragraph problem (Taco)
0000042: [luatex limitation] \latelua does not support "name <general text>" (Taco)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2008-05-21
0000014: [luatex bug] \textdir in alignment preambles (dvi mode)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2008-03-17
Next feature release
0000084: [luatex bug] Slow while processing transparent() with uniform/normal deviate
0000074: [luatex bug] Luatex can't find files without extension (Taco)
0000076: [luatex bug] luaTeX error (file cannot open Type 1 font file for reading (Taco)
0000029: [luatex bug] multiple pfb inclusion in ConTeXT, afm mode (Taco)
0000030: [luatex limitation] filenames with embedded spaces are not supported (Taco)
0000043: [feature request] Merge \expanded primitive from pdfTeX (Taco)
0000063: [feature request] include synctex (Taco)
0000065: [luatex bug] unset_attribute on not present attribute creates mayhem (Taco)
0000081: [luatex limitation] No access to \currentgrouplevel from Lua (via tex.currentgrouplevel) (Taco)
0000090: [luatex bug] hyphenation occurs even if \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin are maxed out (Taco)
0000091: [feature request] Show revision number in binary (Taco)
0000023: [luatex bug] conflict between tex.sprint and \input catcodes (Taco)
0000027: [luatex bug] A possible disappearing glyph in some old PFBs loaded with f.encodingbytes=2 (Taco)
0000088: [luatex bug] TransparencyHack broken in luatex trunk (hhenkel)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2008-02-20
0000019: [texlua bug] Program name not set automatically (Taco)
0000021: [luatex bug] Assertion with font expansion (Taco)
0000020: [luatex bug] Abort if '--progname' is used but --fmt isnt (Taco)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2008-02-11
0000004: [luatex bug] double free caused by context \hyphenatedword (Taco)
1 issue View Issues