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0000968: [feature request] attr in savestack box (Hans Hagen)
0000955: [feature request] remove old token scanner and sanitize some key/values in new (Hans Hagen)
0000576: [feature request] Add a key for font spline type in fontloader.to_table() (Hans Hagen)
0000457: [feature request] reminder: par related info (Hans Hagen)
0000966: [luatex limitation] LuaJITTeX's `loadfile` behaves like 5.1 while `load` behaves like 5.2 (luigi scarso)
0000944: [luatex bug] wrong glyph mapping with updated IPAex font from texlive 2015 (Hans Hagen)
0000938: [feature request] print with explicit catcode (Hans Hagen)
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