Released 2008-03-17
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0000084: [luatex bug] Slow while processing transparent() with uniform/normal deviate
0000074: [luatex bug] Luatex can't find files without extension (Taco)
0000076: [luatex bug] luaTeX error (file cannot open Type 1 font file for reading (Taco)
0000029: [luatex bug] multiple pfb inclusion in ConTeXT, afm mode (Taco)
0000030: [luatex limitation] filenames with embedded spaces are not supported (Taco)
0000043: [feature request] Merge \expanded primitive from pdfTeX (Taco)
0000063: [feature request] include synctex (Taco)
0000065: [luatex bug] unset_attribute on not present attribute creates mayhem (Taco)
0000081: [luatex limitation] No access to \currentgrouplevel from Lua (via tex.currentgrouplevel) (Taco)
0000090: [luatex bug] hyphenation occurs even if \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin are maxed out (Taco)
0000091: [feature request] Show revision number in binary (Taco)
0000023: [luatex bug] conflict between tex.sprint and \input catcodes (Taco)
0000027: [luatex bug] A possible disappearing glyph in some old PFBs loaded with f.encodingbytes=2 (Taco)
0000088: [luatex bug] TransparencyHack broken in luatex trunk (hhenkel)
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