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0000027luatexluatex bugpublic2008-09-30 11:49
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Summary0000027: A possible disappearing glyph in some old PFBs loaded with f.encodingbytes=2
DescriptionWhen PFB fonts are used in a wide format, the backend has to convert the PFB font into CFF format. For older PFB files, there is a potential problem because not all of those have a /.notdef glyph, and many of the ones that do have it at a different place than charstring index 0.

In the CFF subset, the /.notdef glyph has to be present always, and it has to come first, at index 0. But at the point in the code flow that the actual font subsetting takes place, many glyph indices are already written out to the PDF, so it is not possible to simply recompose the CFF.

This is the current state of the code in the repository (#1186):

The only option left that late in the game is to kick out whatever was at the old index 0 and replace it by ./notdef. If lucky, that is a /space, and no harm done, but if unlucky, a character may disappear (like /Adieresis in luximono)

If such a replacement is necessary, a warning is given, and when the actual /.notdef in the CFF is encountered, it is skipped.

Additional InformationA proper solution to this problem requires the font conversion|/.notdef generation to take place before any indices are written to the PDF file. That is be doable, but requires changes in or fontforge.to_table().
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2008-09-30 10:19

administrator   ~0000069

Fixed by #1518, by making sure that the fontforge frontend reserves space for a .notdef at index 0, adjusting the other glyph indices when needed.

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