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0000401luatexfeature requestpublic2010-07-28 15:34
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Summary0000401: Lua interface to \errmessage
From Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard:

Unless I'm mistaken, there is currently no Lua interface to TeX's primitive
\errmessage (and \errhelp). Of course, there is Lua's error(), but it doesn't
exactly allow to generate nice-looking messages :-)

Did I miss something? Is there anything like this planned? (A function like
tex.errmessage(<string> message, [<string> long_help]) would be great, for example.)

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Hans Hagen

2010-05-20 18:14

manager   ~0000540

it's probably mentioned somewhere in a status report, but error messages will be dealt with once we're close to 1.0 as at that moment the code is ready for it; much code needs to be unwoven


2010-05-20 18:23

reporter   ~0000541

It think I read something like that somewhere, though I can't find the reference. I was thinking that maybe an interface to \errmessage wouldn't be too hard to implement (I may be completely mistaken here) and would fill the gap while waiting for a more complete error system overhaul.

Of course it was only a suggestion and I don't mind waiting.


2010-07-28 11:09

administrator   ~0000568

Actually, this request is quite easy to implement in a clean way, so that is what I'll do

Hans Hagen

2010-07-28 11:18

manager   ~0000569

in the meantime you can do a tex.print("\\errmessage{.....}")


2010-07-28 11:25

reporter   ~0000570

A tex.print("\\errmessage{.....}") doesn't work if you're in the middle of an \edef or similar situation.

I'm glad to know this request is easy to implement, thanks for looking into it, Taco.


2010-07-28 11:29

administrator   ~0000571

commit 3758:

tex.error(<string> s)
tex.error(<string> s, <table> help)

This creates an error somewhat like the combination of \tex{errhelp}
and \type{errmessage} would. During this error, deletions are disabled.

The array part of the \type{help} table has to contain strings,
one for each line of error help.

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