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0000363luatexluatex bugpublic2010-04-03 18:01
ReporterTaco Assigned ToTaco  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.52.0 
Fixed in Version0.60.0 
Summary0000363: dofile(nil) in batchmode
From Manuel:

As I understand it, \batchmode disables all interaction, including reading
things from standard input. So, I wonder if dofile() without arguments shouldn't
result in an error rather than hang forever.

Also, in non-batch modes, it would be nice to have some indication that luatex
is waiting for some input.

Of course these are details, but I just lost 15 minutes trying to understand why
one of my loops wouldn't properly terminate before I noticed the dofile() right
before the loop. (Yeah, I know, assert() is my friend.)
Steps To ReproduceIn --ini mode:

\input plain
\directlua{ dofile() }

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2010-03-27 08:48

administrator   ~0000507

Two commits done:

3554 adds an assert()-style failure return for dofile(<nil>) and loadfile(<nil>)
in batchmode non-luaonly runs,

3555 adds a prompt ("lua>") for dofile(<nil>) and loadfile(<nil>)
in non-batchmode non-luaonly runs,

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