Not Yet Released
0000265: [feature request] Make mathsurround a glue (Hans Hagen)
0000951: [luatex limitation] 20 gig pdf files cannot be loaded by the poppler lib (luigi scarso)
0000312: [feature request] xform interface at lua end (Hans Hagen)
0000756: [feature request] fonts table in virtual font (Hans Hagen)
0000792: [feature request] Make "reader" in "open_read_file" return a line number beside the string. (Hans Hagen)
0000692: [feature request] font id extras (reminder of discussion) (Hans Hagen)
0000706: [feature request] \Umathcode might be turned into a convert command (Hans Hagen)
0000730: [luatex bug] fea-file loading not listed in -recorder (Hans Hagen)
0000095: [feature request] Possibility to specify catcode table when setting a toks register from Lua (Hans Hagen)
0000852: [luatex bug] Ignored italic correction in math with lua(la)tex format when catcodes are set to letter. (Hans Hagen)
0000729: [luatex bug] Placement of \limits (Hans Hagen)
0000816: [luatex bug] \rightmarginkern bugs (Hans Hagen)
0000564: [luatex bug] The \ifincsname bug (Taco)
0000803: [luatex bug] needs checking: linebreak filter message (Hans Hagen)
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