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0000756luatexfeature requestpublic2015-10-25 14:10
ReporterHans Hagen Assigned ToHans Hagen  
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Fixed in Version0.82.0 
Summary0000756: fonts table in virtual font
Description(1) In order to be able to refer to the font itself we need an entry in the fonts subtable and there is a chicken-egg issue there. We can use font.nextid() but we can not be sure if indeed the next id is used for the main font. Therewer we need an abstract notation for 'self' (which is known when luatex starts internalizing the table):

t.fonts = { { id = true }}

(2) In a similar fashion we can extend the 'slot' command:

commands = { { 'slot', true, 123 } }

which in this example is the same as { { 'slot', 1, 123 } }

(3) The manual mentions a default 'font' index of 1 but that assumes a valid 1 entry and again an unset 'font' can default to self as well.
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Hans Hagen

2015-10-25 14:10

manager   ~0001484

font id's of 0 will be replaced by the current one now (in the font table as well as in the commands)

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