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0000296luatexluatex bugpublic2009-11-18 16:55
Reporterpatrick Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.44.0 
Fixed in Version0.45.0 
Summary0000296: package.path broken
DescriptionIn contradiction to the luatex reference manual (3.1.1) and in contradiction to the lua reference manual ( the package.path does not work. This breaks all existing lua scripts that rely on the Lua standard mechanism for path searching.



#!/usr/bin/env texlua

if arg[0]:sub(1,1) ~= "/" then arg[0] = lfs.currentdir() .. "/" .. arg[0] end
local installdir=arg[0]:gsub("/%./","/"):gsub("(%w+)/bin/[^/]+$","%1")

package.path = installdir .. "/dir/?.lua"

breaks, even if foobar.lua is in root/dir/foobar.lua.

Please bring back package.path
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2009-11-09 14:25

administrator   ~0000327

First: the luatex supercedes the lua manual. When they differ, the luatexref-t.pdf is leading, not the other way around.

And besides: commit #3097 should resolve this issue.

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