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0000326luatexluatex bugpublic2010-03-12 15:46
ReporterDohyun Kim Assigned ToTaco  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version0.51.0 
Summary0000326: trunk version of luatex crashes with AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf
Descriptionluatex trunk version compiled on my mac os x (snow leopard) crashes
with AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf, a Korean cid-keyed opentype font
bundled with Adobe Reader, while writing pdf file at the end of process.
32bit luatex binary crashes as well as 64 bit binary.
This font was never a problem with luatex beta <= 0.50

Input tex file is just simple:


The error message is:

) )</Users/nomosnomos/Library/Fonts/AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf
!LuaTeX error (file /Users/nomosnomos/Library/Fonts/AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf): Charset data possibly broken
 ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

Strangely, other cid-keyed opentype fonts,such as
KozMinProVI-Regular.otf, has no problem.
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Dohyun Kim

2010-02-03 04:34

reporter   ~0000407

Among CJK opentype fonts bundled with Adobe Reader,
luatex fails with AdobeMingStd-Light.otf and KozGoProVI-Medium.otf as well.
AdobeSongStd-Light.otf and KozMinProVI-Regular.otf are ok.


2010-02-03 12:00

administrator   ~0000408

fixed by commit #3415 (missing braces in an expression)

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