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0000025luatexluatex bugpublic2008-06-24 11:53
ReporterTaco Assigned ToTaco  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.25.1 
Target Version0.30.0Fixed in Version0.27.0 
Summary0000025: Crash on type1 font
DescriptionThe file below crashes luatex when the distribution is set up such that it uses the tfm file qplr.tfm (and associated ec-q.enc, qplr.pfb ).
Steps To Reproduce% engine=luatex
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2008-04-09 16:48

administrator   ~0000013

Crash is fixed by revision 1139.

The underlying (non-fixed) problem is that The \ccaron marks character U+010D as used, which is outside of the 8-bit encoded range, resulting in crashes in the font writing backend.

#1139 simply makes sure the backend doesn't crash by resetting fo->last_char to 0xFF if it is too high. The proper solution is pending re-unification of the backend

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