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0000316: [feature request] Incorporate synctex 1.10 (Taco)
0000317: [luatex bug] can't load fonts with parens (Taco)
0000315: [luatex bug] \write error with docstrip package (Taco)
0000347: [luatex bug] attempt to index a thread value (Taco)
0000344: [feature request] allow lua access to nest[] and cur_list (Taco)
0000341: [feature request] tex.sprint() with different catcodes (Taco)
0000340: [feature request] Call line breaking algorithm from lua (Taco)
0000339: [feature request] Various small extensions to the lua kpse module table (Taco)
0000338: [feature request] Add GetShortPathName support for Win32 (Taco)
0000336: [luatex limitation] solution to follow links (Taco)
0000335: [feature request] split prevdepth and spacefactor (Taco)
0000333: [feature request] \shipout as a lua function (Taco)
0000326: [luatex bug] trunk version of luatex crashes with AdobeMyungjoStd-Medium.otf (Taco)
0000325: [luatex bug] lpeg/coroutines segfaults on 64 bit Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) (Taco)
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