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0000196luatexfeature requestpublic2009-11-18 16:55
ReporterTaco Assigned ToTaco  
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Target Version0.50.0Fixed in Version0.45.0 
Summary0000196: using kpathsea to find require files
DescriptionFrom Manuel:

I apologize in advance if this is an FAQ, but I couldn't find any reference in
the manual nor using google.

Did you ever consider changing package.loaders so that the function looking for
lua modules uses something like kpse.find_file(name, 'lua') in order to find the
file rather that searching it along package.path?
Additional InformationWhen kpathsea is initialized
anyway, which is either when kpse.set_program_name() has been called
by the user in a texlua script or in the --lua ini file, or when
actual typesetting is being done and kpathsea has not explicitly
been disabled via texconfig.kpse_init=false, then I see no reason
*not* to use kpathsea as one of the package loaders.

Perhaps package.loaders will need redefinition anyway, but I assume
it would be a useful addition to have on by default, especially in
standalone scripts.
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2009-11-04 15:58

administrator   ~0000320

Implemented by #3097, with explanation in #3098 (manual)


2009-11-09 14:23

administrator   ~0000326

Also check #3109:

partially revert #3097: now only use kpse when kpathsea is actually
initialized, either by luatex as part of the normal startup, or
by kpse.set_program_name() in the case of texlua.

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