Released 2011-04-12
0000595: [feature request] Lua font loading: ignore unknown enumeration keys in MATH and parameters (Taco)
0000518: [luatex bug] problem with callbacks that are not supposed to return anything (Taco)
0000556: [luatex bug] bad use of strcpy (Taco)
0000549: [luatex bug] Fails to compile (Taco)
0000548: [luatex bug] Possible fencepost error in math parameter counting (Taco)
0000547: [luatex bug] Family numbers > 255 are allowed (Taco)
0000541: [luatex bug] Image inclusion fails in draft mode (hhenkel)
0000540: [luatex bug] draftmode creates output file with zero bytes (hhenkel)
0000538: [luatex bug] Assertion fails in dviluatex when font ptmr8t used (hhenkel)
0000601: [luatex bug] node.fields bug (Taco)
0000599: [documentation] unsetting attributes in the manual (Taco)
0000593: [luatex bug] \escapechar ignored by \meaning (Taco)
0000592: [luatex bug] linebreak_filter doesn't do its default job when tex.linebreak is used. (Taco)
0000586: [luatex bug] wrong px default (Taco)
0000558: [luatex bug] \directlua followed by \pdfximage generates error if draft mode is active (Taco)
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