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0000355luatexfeature requestpublic2015-10-19 20:05
ReporterHans Hagen Assigned ToHans Hagen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.80.0Fixed in Version0.80.2 
Summary0000355: adjustlevel 3 / no kern scaling
Descriptioncurrently we have

adjustlevel == 1 : only scaling in the backend (glyphs and kerns)
adjustlevel == 2 : scaling taken into acccount in par builder (glyphs and kerns)

the parbuilder (and hpack) code treats glyphs as well as intercharacter kerns (using some -redundant- test on the kern table of the surrounding glyphs (the hpack routine duplicates some work of the parbuilder)

as no other spacing is taken into acount, and as it is debatable if scaling the kerns is a good idea, we need a third variant:

adjustlevel == 3 : scaling taken into acccount in par builder (glyphs)

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