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0000257luatexfeature requestpublic2009-12-18 11:07
ReporterHans Hagen Assigned ToTaco  
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Target Version0.47.0Fixed in Version0.47.0 
Summary0000257: attributes in relation to linebreaks
Descriptionthe par builder assigns attributes to hlists (and glue/kern/...) nodes but they are also assigned 'out of range'; in the following example attribute 999 bleeds to [before]

(for taco: when dealing with for instance color, this is intercepted in the backend code as only glyphs and rules are looked at, but with for instance area bound features like layers and links it gets nasty)
Steps To Reproduce\usemodule[tra-01]


\startnarrower \relax
    [before] {\attribute999=1 \dorecurse{30}{one }\par\dorecurse{30}{two }\par\dorecurse{30}{three }} [after] \par

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2009-12-02 12:11

administrator   ~0000364

Commit #3211-#3212 adds the correct attributes to the inline nodes that are generated during the actual line breaking:

* left skip (from first line node)
* right skip (from last line node)
* direction nodes (left and right)
* margin kerns (left and right)

For the moment, generated vertical nodes retain the attribute setttings that were valid at the moment \par was seen (line boxes, line skip, penalty).

Also, any local left/right boxes are copied as-is.


2009-12-10 11:03

administrator   ~0000372

assuming this is ok for now

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