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0000664luatexfeature requestpublic2015-11-08 11:24
Reporterpatrick Assigned ToHans Hagen  
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformApple/Intel/64bitOSOS XOS Version10.6
Product Version0.70.1 
Fixed in Version0.85.0 
Summary0000664: intercept pdf warnings
DescriptionSometimes I get warnings like these:

LuaTeX warning: PDF inclusion: found PDF version <1.6>, but at most version <1.4> allowed

I use img.scan() and img.copy() for image inclusion.

I'd like to intercept these warnings to present them in another way to the user.
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Paul Isambert

2011-05-26 09:54

reporter   ~0000861

Sorry to interfere with your request, but wouldn't it be simpler (more general) to have a callback on error messages (or warnings)? I think it was already discussed (in order to localise messages, if I remember correctly), but I can't remember where it was left at.


2011-05-26 09:58

reporter   ~0000862

A callback would be great. Good idea.

Hans Hagen

2011-05-30 12:21

manager   ~0000871

It is part of a larger thing ... pass all backend related messages through a callback (images, fonts, those ext* messsages) ... message interception is on the agenda for when more code has been cleaned op (also the tex error messages)

Hans Hagen

2014-03-30 11:36

manager   ~0001257

will be done > 0.79 ... error messages already can be intercepted, but the backend also has warnings (so that can become a warning callback plus lastwarning in status table, similar to errors)

Hans Hagen

2015-11-08 11:24

manager   ~0001521

show_warning_message callback (when a real error, the normal error callbacks)

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