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0000971luatexluatex bugpublic2016-06-16 00:15
Reporterrodyager Assigned ToHans Hagen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformMac OSOSOSXOS Version10.11.5 (Beta)
Product Version0.87.0 
Fixed in Version0.95.0 
Summary0000971: Actually version 0.95.0 (Tex Live 2016) \magnification broken
Descriptiontrue dimensions are not honoured by luatex 0.95.0 — that is,
10truecm and 10cm are treated as the same dimension when a \magnification is set.
Steps To ReproduceTypeset

\vskip 12cm
\line{\hbox to 3cm{\hrulefill} 3cm rule \hfill }
\line{\hbox to 3truecm{\hrulefill} should be 3truecm rule\hfill}
\dimen0=3cm \divide \dimen0 by \the\mag \multiply \dimen0 by 1000
\line{\hbox to \dimen0 {\hrulefill} actual 3truecm rule\hfill}
Additional InformationThe requirement for the \vskip 12cm in the example above illustrates another artefact of the problem --- the placement on the page is miscalculated as the vertical adjustment is calculated using a dimension which is \pageheight * \the\mag rather than \pageheight.
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Hans Hagen

2016-04-12 10:04

manager   ~0001602

\mag is no longer supported in pdf mode (it was partially broken, gave issues with accuracy and complicated the code) ... i fixed the related page dimension issue

Hans Hagen

2016-04-12 10:04

manager   ~0001603


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