Released 2009-05-06
0000345: [luatex bug] Kerning is not perfect in math mode (Taco)
0000352: [luatex bug] \lastlinefit does not work in context mkiv (Taco)
0000353: [luatex bug] crash on 64bit (Taco)
0000354: [luatex bug] bad error message (Taco)
0000356: [luatex bug] leftskip has no effect (Taco)
0000357: [distribution and packaging] import new mplib (Taco)
0000358: [luatex bug] fix compiler warnings for new kpathsea (Taco)
0000361: [mplib bug] Crash if mp:execute() called with no param (Taco)
0000363: [luatex bug] dofile(nil) in batchmode (Taco)
0000368: [feature request] pdfpageresources cum suis (hhenkel)
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