Released 2010-12-13
0000516: [luatex bug] FontForge bug makes Cambria Math accents look bad (Taco)
0000489: [luatex bug] check handling of extensible \Umathaccent s (Taco)
0000509: [feature request] Non-growing math accents (Taco)
0000520: [luatex bug] Calculation of top math accent shifts (Taco)
0000507: [luatex bug] Misplaced math accents over all classes but 0 and 7 (Taco)
0000418: [feature request] prepare for libpng 1.4 (oneiros)
0000519: [luatex bug] LuaTeX writes SyncTeX file to current directory (Taco)
0000514: [feature request] node.type (Taco)
0000513: [feature request] Rename <node>.list to <node>.content (Taco)
0000511: [feature request] Return fontforge warning with fontloader.apply_featutrefile() (Taco)
0000503: [luatex bug] something is fishy with scan_keyword (Taco)
0000498: [luatex bug] \jobname jumble (Taco)
0000495: [luatex bug] <box>.list.prev should be zeroed (Taco)
0000491: [feature request] and node.prev (Taco)
0000486: [luatex bug] combining letterspacing and expansion causes crash (Taco)
0000397: [luatex bug] Mac OS X 10.6 fonts problems (Taco)
0000480: [luatex bug] suddenly pdf inclusion is slow (hhenkel)
0000521: [documentation] please document how the job name and the names of the output files are chosen (Taco)
0000524: [documentation] describe discretionary chains better (Taco)
0000525: [luatex bug] Segmentation fault on 32-bit linux (Taco)
0000526: [luatex limitation] linebreak_filter callback requires a last line box (Taco)
0000533: [luatex bug] Can't assign to \dimen65535 (Taco)
0000512: [luatex bug] ToUnicode maps should not cross byte boundaries (Taco)
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