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0000964luatexluatex bugpublic2016-03-02 12:30
ReporterKalrish Assigned Toluigi scarso  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows and LinuxOS VersionWindows 10 
Product Version0.79.1 
Fixed in Version0.89.0 
Summary0000964: segfault when a file is opened in the Lua initialization script and the recorder feature is on
DescriptionLuaTeX crashes with a segmentation fault when a file is opened, either for reading or for writing, from the Lua initialization script while the recorder feature is on.
Steps To ReproduceRun `luatex --interaction=nonstopmode --recorder --lua=test.lua -- main.tex`.
Additional InformationSee [this issue](

The jobname isn't known yet at the Lua initialization script stage. This suggests that the ${jobname}.fls file (where the file open record is outputted) isn't open at that moment. Perhaps the recorder feature is, however, active, and tries to log the file activity despite its output not being yet open.
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2016-02-21 01:18


luigi scarso

2016-02-22 10:29

developer   ~0001573

Thank you for the report. We will investigate asap.

luigi scarso

2016-02-26 09:45

developer   ~0001574

We have made a fix in trunk.


2016-02-26 17:09

reporter   ~0001576

Thank you!

I can't find an option to close the report. Perhaps it's to be done by admins?

luigi scarso

2016-02-26 17:11

developer   ~0001577

Yes, only admin can close the report.

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