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0000314luatexluatex bugpublic2010-03-16 21:00
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Product Version0.50.0 
Target Version0.60.0Fixed in Version0.52.0 
Summary0000314: Problem with a .pk file
DescriptionFrom √Člie Roux:

this plain TeX minimal example shows different output when compiled
with pdfTeX and LuaTeX (0.50):

\font\toto=frca10 at 10pt\toto

the frca10 comes from the package frcursive
(, present in TeX
Live 2009. The pdf contains ligat when compiled with LuaTeX and
ligature when compiled with pdfTeX. Is it a problem in the .tfm/.pk
file or is it a bug in LuaTeX?
Additional InformationSomething is wrong in luatex: the routine that inserts the
discretionaries has a problem with the massive amount of ligatures
in the frca10 font. I will add a tracker item, but it may take a
while to fix this.

(the 'ure' bit ends up in the postbreak of the final discretionary,
see log in attached test suite)
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2010-03-15 12:13

administrator   ~0000484

Fixed by #3492

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