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0000286luatexluatex bugpublic2009-12-24 17:13
ReporterTaco Assigned ToTaco  
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Target Version0.50.0Fixed in Version0.46.0 
Summary0000286: fix cambria script placement for large ops
Descriptionit is rather obviously wrong now, as in this context file:


    $\displaystyle \int ^2_2$

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2009-11-02 09:43

administrator   ~0000310

From Khaled:

Office 2007 seems to handle sub/superscripts of big operators
differently; superscript is placed immediately after base glyph while a
negative kern equal to italic correction is inserted between base and
subscript i.e. the reverse of what is described in the spec, and math
kerning is ignored completely.


2009-11-20 12:13

administrator   ~0000347

#3181 implemented this suggestion, however, now in context mkiv the placement
of operator limits in latin modern became a mess (because the metrics do not

I will revert both #3181 and the original patch #3066 that did special code for variable delimiters, and Hans will somehow have to fix this in the cambria special settings overload


2009-11-20 12:19

administrator   ~0000348

Both the font metrics and the spec on how to handle it are a mess, this will have to be patched by lua code.


2009-11-23 16:43

administrator   ~0000352

Actually, the lack of horizontal displacement between super- and subscript were a luatex error that is now corrected by commit #3189


2009-11-23 16:59

administrator   ~0000353

And the way too much whitespace between integral and scripts also turned out to
be a luatex problem, that is corrected by #3190.

The result is now still too wide, but that is truly cambria's fault: the integrals have large italic corrections while in fact they fit in their bounding boxes.


2009-12-11 13:24

administrator   ~0000375

Khaled asked Microsoft for clarification, and the result is the following rule:

* If a character is part of an extensible list in any way,
  then use the italic correction only to tuck the subscript in
  (and ignore that ic for all other purposes).
* If a character is not part of an extensible list, treat
  the italic correction as is normal in math mode.


2009-12-21 12:14

administrator   ~0000376

Fixed by commit 3276. Context mkiv needs patching!

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