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0000598luatexluatex bugpublic2015-11-02 22:16
ReporterPaul Isambert Assigned ToHans Hagen  
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Fixed in Version0.85.0 
Summary0000598: Links disappear in boxes used with \copy.
DescriptionWhen \copy-ing a box containing a link, the link doesn't always follow. In the example, there is no link in the first two boxes; with another document, other "patterns" would appear, but as far as I can tell once a box is properly copied (i.e. with the link) on a given page all other copies on the same page work correctly. The problem arises in Lua too, i.e. using node.copy(box) or when creating a new box whose contents is the node.copy_list-ed head of the original box (in the latter case, links seems never to be copied, actually).

Of course, this doesn't happen with pdfTeX. [My LuaTeX is rev. 4087]
Steps To Reproduce\pdfdest name {here} xyz
\setbox0=\hbox{\pdfstartlink goto name {here} GO! \pdfendlink}

\copy0 \copy0 \copy0


\copy0 \copy0 \copy0

Additional InformationIf you replace the the link with an annotation, as in:

\setbox0=\hbox{\pdfannot{/Subtype/Link /A << /S/JavaScript /JS (app.alert("hello")) >>} GO!}

then only the first box is without a link.
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