Released 2009-08-19
0000248: [feature request] flag in tfm table that inhibits math (Taco)
0000133: [feature request] Support dfont fonts (at least the sfnt based ones) in the backend (Taco)
0000224: [feature request] Convert pascal to C (Taco)
0000236: [luatex limitation] Creating pdf streams with pdf.immediateobj (hhenkel)
0000241: [luatex bug] \relax confuses box spec parser (Taco)
0000245: [luatex bug] tex.set does not catch unknown names (Taco)
0000253: [luatex bug] buglet in attr parser (Taco)
0000254: [luatex bug] Ecclesiastic Latin hyphenation - accented vowels cause hyphenation to fail (Taco)
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