Released 2009-12-18
0000206: [luatex bug] \atopwidthdelims does not work for OT MATH fonts (Taco)
0000024: [luatex limitation] support font matrix manipulation for non-type1 fonts (hhenkel)
0000244: [feature request] \pdfregisterannot <objnum> (Taco)
0000257: [feature request] attributes in relation to linebreaks (Taco)
0000282: [luatex limitation] Solve problem with pdf inclusion and maximum number of open files (Taco)
0000294: [luatex bug] corrupt pdf file due to no check for inclusion change (Taco)
0000305: [luatex limitation] some pending \pdf* primitives with no lua counterpart (Taco)
0000307: [luatex bug] potential leak of attribute nodes (Taco)
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