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0000934luatexluatex bugpublic2015-05-14 12:51
Reporterkarlberry Assigned ToHans Hagen  
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Fixed in Version0.80.1 
Summary0000934: 0.80.0 This can't happen (sub_disc_widths)
DescriptionThis fatal error happens on the attached Russian latex document with luatex 0.80.0 in the current TL'15 pretest, and not with luatex 0.79.1 from TL 2014.
I'm on i386-linux, though hopefully that doesn't matter.

Of course it would be nicer to reproduce it with plain luatex, but discerning all the right line-breaking parameters and loading the font would take a lot of time. Since it's a fatal error, I hoped this would be enough and the problem would become obvious.

Evidently some unexpected type(s) is happening in the switch statement in sub_from_widths. gdb tells me that s is the number 13360, but I don't know what "type" that is without more delving.

Fingers crossed ...
Steps To Reproducelualatex subdisc.tex
! This can't happen (sub_disc_widths)

Additional InformationOriginally reported at by Yuri Skryabin <>. He sent me a test file, which I cut down further.

By the way, the "Product Version" field in this tracker needs to be updated to include 0.80.0.
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2015-04-30 20:09


subdisc.tex (596 bytes)

luigi scarso

2015-05-04 18:37

developer   ~0001360

Thank you for the report, we are investigating. It's a regression due a patch for a similar issue for the Type1 fonts.

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