Released 2013-12-20
0000192: [feature request] Improve display formula handling (Hans Hagen)
0000227: [feature request] OT Math: implement Skewed Fractions (Hans Hagen)
0000589: [luatex bug] Various prevdepth / prevgraph lua interface things (Hans Hagen)
0000672: [luatex bug] attributes get lost in eqno (Hans Hagen)
0000567: [feature request] overful box (reminder of discussion) (Hans Hagen)
0000367: [luatex limitation] reconsider test for valid primitive / reminder for taco and me (Hans Hagen)
0000755: [feature request] help info (Hans Hagen)
0000823: [feature request] abovewithdelims (Hans Hagen)
0000444: [feature request] support \write files in texio (Hans Hagen)
0000713: [luatex limitation] Not enough write registers (Hans Hagen)
0000894: [luatex limitation] error line (Hans Hagen)
0000420: [feature request] add last error messages to the status table (Hans Hagen)
0000664: [feature request] intercept pdf warnings (Hans Hagen)
0000735: [luatex bug] The output of \errhelp (Hans Hagen)
0000902: [luatex bug] \expandafter\show issue (Hans Hagen)
0000747: [luatex bug] Error when removing last node in ligaturing and kerning callbacks. (Hans Hagen)
0000553: [feature request] Suggestion: an inner noad with extended behavior regarding spacing (Hans Hagen)
0000233: [feature request] Math accent overlay needed? (Hans Hagen)
0000788: [feature request] math parameters (Hans Hagen)
0000500: [feature request] I can't find a lua equivalent for \pdfcolorstackinit (Hans Hagen)
0000568: [luatex bug] Inconsistent error handling behavior with virtual fonts (Hans Hagen)
0000899: [luatex bug] luazip core dump (luigi scarso)
0000770: [luatex bug] Hyperlinks wrongly placed if rotated or in landscape mode (Hans Hagen)
0000840: [luatex bug] Hyperlinks wrongly placed if resized (Hans Hagen)
0000598: [luatex bug] Links disappear in boxes used with \copy. (Hans Hagen)
0000561: [feature request] No indirect reference in user action for \pdfoutline. (Hans Hagen)
0000674: [feature request] tex.getmathcode: return 3 numbers instead of table (Hans Hagen)
0000663: [feature request] tex.dimen cum suis (Hans Hagen)
0000604: [feature request] Use normal delimiter scaling when FractionDelimiter(DisplayStyle)Size is not defined (Hans Hagen)
0000892: [luatex bug] luafontloader memleak patches (luigi scarso)
0000410: [feature request] Unicode character large operator subtypes (Hans Hagen)
0000488: [luatex limitation] Wide space after non scripted integrals (Hans Hagen)
0000727: [luatex bug] Vertical centering of bigops and integrals is wrong (Hans Hagen)
0000952: [to be considered] \Umathstretched (was 0000795) (Hans Hagen)
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