Scheduled For Release 2008-03-21
For requests that are substantial, where research is needed, or that may become a separate (sub)project
0000226: [feature request] Lua-controlled typesetting runs (Hans Hagen)
0000168: [feature request] multi-pass hyphenation (Taco)
0000184: [to be considered] Math prescripts (Taco)
0000186: [to be considered] Multi-storey math stacks (Taco)
0000189: [to be considered] MathML style alignment (Taco)
0000625: [feature request] horizontal kerns (reminder of discussion t/h) / reminder of pending issue (Hans Hagen)
0000179: [to be considered] immutable (Hans Hagen)
0000022: [luatex limitation] Get rid of reallocated arrays, expecially varmem (Taco)
0000134: [feature request] OpenType Justification table support (Taco)
0000510: [feature request] Generate multiple pdf files from one input document (Hans Hagen)
0000703: [luatex bug] Font embedded twice with different rendering modes (Hans Hagen)
0000267: [feature request] reminder: explore impact of main loop in coroutine (Taco)
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