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0000703luatexluatex bugpublic2013-12-23 10:51
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Summary0000703: Font embedded twice with different rendering modes
DescriptionFrom Philipp,
>From Pablo, see
If you load a font twice using different rendering modes, it gets
embedded twice:

\input luaotfload.sty
\font\1={name:LM Roman 10 Regular:mode=node}\relax
\font\2={name:LM Roman 10 Regular:mode=base}\relax
\1 A
\2 A

Philipp Stephani
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Hans Hagen

2013-12-20 10:20

manager   ~0001189

This is a tricky issue. In this example indeed the font could be shared but this is not true when we have completely different slot allocation which can happen (math is an example). In that case luatex would have to analyze a lot more in the backend which for sure would interfere at some other point. (Tounicode vectors is an example).

So, the only safe optimization is to share the shapes (/FontFile3 resource) unless it's also tricky due to order.

I can think of an optional optimization at the lua/tex end but we deliberately have a distinctive psname now to avoid issues and this is what the backend triggers on.

Hans Hagen

2013-12-20 11:28

manager   ~0001191

experimental solution in lua code; that's probably the only place where we can do a check; if it was done in the backend, then we would also need a way to control it; from luatex's perspective, the fullname entry determines sharing and that is by design: different fullnames == no sharing, and that will stay

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