Scheduled For Release 2009-05-06
0000758: [luatex bug] when and how should the tail be updated when a post_linebreak_filter is used (Hans Hagen)
0000576: [feature request] Add a key for font spline type in fontloader.to_table() (Hans Hagen)
0000456: [feature request] inserts (Hans Hagen)
0000944: [luatex bug] wrong glyph mapping with updated IPAex font from texlive 2015 (Hans Hagen)
0000938: [feature request] print with explicit catcode (Hans Hagen)
0000722: [luatex bug] Strange behavior of ^^ notation. (Hans Hagen)
0000192: [feature request] Improve display formula handling (Hans Hagen)
0000656: [feature request] update luaprofiler (luigi scarso)
0000672: [luatex bug] attributes get lost in eqno (Hans Hagen)
0000567: [feature request] overful box (reminder of discussion) (Hans Hagen)
0000313: [feature request] overhaul of transformations (cm) (Hans Hagen)
0000416: [luatex limitation] reminder kernclasses (Hans Hagen)
0000391: [feature request] easy and fast direction test (Hans Hagen)
0000517: [feature request] tex.setfontdimen (Hans Hagen)
0000410: [feature request] Unicode character large operator subtypes (Hans Hagen)
0000473: [feature request] simplification of *def constructs (Hans Hagen)
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