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    PID # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryTarget Version
  00009981majornew2017-10-02luatex-1.0.4: build problem with poppler-0.58
  00009992majornew2017-10-02luatex: use public poppler API
  00008351minorconfirmed2017-05-19bug in envelope of defines a wrong round function
  0000997 minornew2017-05-07enable playback control with \placerenderingwindow
  0000996 majornew2017-04-03Wrong OTF mark positioning after the node pair +TLT and -TLT when the paragraph direction is TRT
  00008541minorconfirmed2017-03-17Strange behavior of turningnumber
  0000994 minorassigned (Hans Hagen)2016-11-25more control over virtual command flushing
  00009761majorassigned (luigi scarso)2016-11-22Weird MetaPost output when using PNG
  0000990 majornew2016-10-19Bug in m-educat.mkiv
  0000594 minorassigned (Taco)2016-09-12Lua font loading: out-of-range Lua numbers are not interceptedsome day (> v 1)
  0000953 minorassigned (Taco)2016-09-12Sync with latest FontForge sourcessome day (> v 1)
  0000969 minorassigned (Hans Hagen)2016-09-12lua/pdf cleanupongoing
  00005222minorassigned (Hans Hagen)2016-09-12token.write()some day (> v 1)
  00009401minorassigned (luigi scarso)2016-07-19maybe use md5 functions from poppler instead of old ones (deep down)some day (> v 1)
  00002261minorassigned (Taco)2016-07-19Lua-controlled typesetting runssubproject (> v 1)
  00009601minorassigned (luigi scarso)2015-12-15metapost tfm bug with mfplain1.999
  00006821featureassigned2015-11-11Create tex.execute()maybe never (> v 1)
  0000189 minorassigned (Taco)2015-11-04MathML style alignmentsubproject (> v 1)
  0000186 minorassigned (Taco)2015-11-04Multi-storey math stackssubproject (> v 1)
  0000184 minorassigned (Taco)2015-10-24Math prescriptssubproject (> v 1)
  0000918 tweakassigned (luigi scarso)2015-10-22[MPlib 1.801 and others?] mp_gr_copy_object(MP mp, mp_graphic_object*p) not copying all object properties?
  00009459minornew2015-10-06New number systems: "uniformdeviate 4096" produces integers instead of reals
  00009432tweaknew2015-08-04in, eps and infinity constants could be better defined for new number systems
  00009424minornew2015-08-03Simple numeric comparison fails with "binary" and "decimal" numersystems
  0000941 minornew2015-07-21After tikz picture the content is displayed with different color
  00009353minornew2015-05-14pathpart of glyph adds jaggies to path
  00009278minornew2015-03-20normaldeviate is not ~ N(0,1) with new number systems
  00009221minornew2015-01-07internals and loops
  00009151minornew2014-11-07odd primitive fails with negative numbers
  0000897 majornew2014-05-18\starttyping/\stoptyping and \typefile from n-th line broken
  00007842minornew2014-03-11embedded library does not like empty lines
  0000214 minornew2014-03-11Allow access to path envelopes2.000
  0000885 minornew2014-02-07The minimum gap of the last line in the paragraph
  0000884 minornew2014-02-07Hanging alignment is ignored when enabled indentation in narrower text
  0000881 tweaknew2014-01-24Incorrect MPOST output in degenerated closed path case
  0000168 minorassigned (Taco)2013-12-20multi-pass hyphenationsubproject (> v 1)
  0000815 minornew2013-03-25package.cgi prefers TL2012
  0000781 minornew2012-11-16begingroup -- endgroup nesting in library
  0000720 minornew2011-09-27TL 2010 revs
  0000712 trivialassigned (mojca)2011-08-28TeXworks configuration
  0000708 minorassigned (mojca)2011-08-17add punknova
  0000700 minorassigned (Hans Hagen)2011-07-06Support --modules=all --fonts=all
  0000657 minornew2011-05-16Area calculation primitive
  00006181minornew2011-05-16windingangle/windingnumber <path> primitive
  00005961minorassigned (Hans Hagen)2011-05-09missing colon in lucida / MKII
  0000646 minornew2011-05-08use zero-padded date
  0000645 minornew2011-05-08tentative code / modules
  0000644 minornew2011-05-08documentation link
  0000643 minornew2011-05-08link to wiki
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