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0001010contextbug reportpublic2019-07-22 17:10
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Summary0001010: xtables stretch width
DescriptionUsing the options stretch and width can result in a table that does not take up the full \textwidth.
This means that the content is shrunk further than necessary.

I think this is due to a bug in xtables.reflow_width.
I think the "width" in line 674 of tabl-xtb.lua should be widetotal instead, giving:

local factor = (widetotal + delta) / widetotal

This makes sense as the equation we want to solve is

widetotal + delta = factor * widetotal
Steps To ReproduceSee the attached file.
This includes a copy of the patched function that can be activated by removing some comment markers.

It should be run as

context xtables-demo.tex --trackers=xtable.construct --debug
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2019-07-22 17:10


xtables-demo.tex (6,818 bytes)
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