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0000802luatexluatex bugpublic2013-12-20 10:01
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Summary0000802: LuaTeX segfaults on invalid UTF-8 csnames
DescriptionFrom Bruno Le Floch:
LuaTeX doesn't segfault on invalid UTF-8 appearing in a file: this
simply leads to a fatal error. However, one can build invalid UTF-8
using the bytes ^^^^^^110000 to ^^^^^^1100ff. If one builds a control
sequence whose name is invalid UTF-8, then try to convert this
sequence to a string, LuaTeX segfaults. Namely, both

    \expandafter\string\csname ^^^^^^1100ff\endcsname


    \number\expandafter`\csname ^^^^^^1100ff\endcsname

make LuaTeX segfault, but

    \edef\foo{\csname ^^^^^^1100ff\endcsname}

does not (even though the invalid UTF-8 name is written to the terminal).

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Hans Hagen

2013-12-19 17:13

manager   ~0001161

in 0.78 this works ok (no segfault):

\expandafter\meaning\csname ^^^^^^110000\endcsname
\expandafter\meaning\csname ^^^^^^1100ff\endcsname

\expandafter\string \csname ^^^^^^110000\endcsname
\expandafter\string \csname ^^^^^^1100ff\endcsname

Hans Hagen

2013-12-20 10:01

manager   ~0001174

closed in 0.78

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