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0000682luatexfeature requestpublic2018-02-25 17:09
ReporterTacoAssigned ToHans Hagen 
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Target Versionmaybe never (> v 1)Fixed in Version1.10.0 
Summary0000682: Create tex.execute()
DescriptionSyntax as for tex.print(), but executed immediately, and including a potential errors when used in a non-expandable context.

This is mostly *needed* because coroutines will be different and less powerful in lua 5.2, but besides that it would also be very useful, in all sorts of cases.
Steps To Reproduceit will probably be a mess and still not always ok ... one can do this already:

\directlua {

tex.directprinter = nil

function tex.directprint(...)

function tex.directsprint(...)

function stepwise(f)
    tex.directprinter = coroutine.create(f)



\directlua {
    stepwise (function()
        tex.directprint(tex.getbox(0).width .. "\\par")
        tex.directprint(tex.getbox(2).width .. "\\par")
        stepwise (function()
            tex.directprint(tex.getbox(0).width .. "\\par")
            tex.directprint(tex.getbox(2).width .. "\\par")

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2012-01-15 23:34

developer   ~0000919

See also the discussion at

Hans Hagen

2018-02-25 17:09

manager   ~0001686

too complex without pproper managemt of the run (interferences) but already possible by tail calls back into lua apart from potential nesting levels overflow; made a bit more convenient with extra helper that quits input (discussed /presented at upcoming ctx meeting)

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