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0000428contextpublic2017-03-27 17:14
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Summary0000428: problem with \setcharacterspacing
The setting is lost in the header:

\setupheadertexts[bla: bla]
bla: bla


\setupheadertexts[{\setcharacterspacing[frenchpunctuation]bla: bla}]

Cheers, Peter
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Hans Hagen

2010-08-02 15:33

manager   ~0000576

The same is true for a lot of settings (like alignment) and makign an exception is confusing. An option is to introduce a new key (say: scope=global) for this but then someone needs to identify the settings that make sense as we need to introduce a bunch at the same time.


2010-08-02 23:29

reporter   ~0000587

It's easy: everywhere! (headers, footers, margins, footnotes, heads, lists,
bookmarks, etc.)

Just math is another thing...


Hans Hagen

2010-08-03 02:03

manager   ~0000589

It's never that easy. The 'where' is not the point as it would be 'running text' or 'running text and page ornaments'. The question is: what settings would need it. French spacing is just one.


2010-08-03 23:09

reporter   ~0000594

I don't know the other settings. For "frenchpunctuation" it's 'running text
and page ornaments', really everywhere. At least it must be coherent. Take for

\chapter{bla: bla}
bla: bla

The head is right, but not the header-text.


Hans Hagen

2010-08-03 23:21

manager   ~0000597

keep in mind that characterspacing is a generic feature, and although it can be used for french punctuation this does not mean that all spacing should always happen globally, so this is why i want to introduce the scope key .. and believe me, there are many more such features: alignment, mirroring, textcolor, and just as we reset these (as well as all kind of things like leftskip and so) we also reset all attributes (only a few are currently global, like colorspace, making exceptions is not going to happen randomly

also, it becomes really messy when this is used locally (can be active then during a pagebreak) and there is no way to distinguish between local and global then ... actually, context tries really to isolate these issues (otherwise you get lots of unwanted side effects that are hard to turn off if needed) ... so it has to be explicit

Hans Hagen

2013-04-05 21:49

manager   ~0001068

maybe I'll add text|page as keyword (meaning: page too or text only)


2013-05-31 22:20

reporter   ~0001092

The frenchpunctuation is a language thing, nothing to do with alignment, mirroring, textcolor and so on. So perhaps it would be better to split the code and trigger the frenchpunctuation on "\fr" ?


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