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0000265luatexfeature requestpublic2017-01-23 19:40
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Summary0000265: Make mathsurround a glue
DescriptionIt is presently a kern. It would be very useful for short columns. OK, it requires reference counting, but just as any other glue.

I think it would also make mathsurround more usable if the possibility be added that it only get inserted if there is another glue following (or preceeding), via a primitive. This is to avoid inserting extra space when there is no space at all, such as before a punctuation mark. This would be easy to implement because the mathsurround does not actually enter the list while it is being formed, but just when it is packed.



2009-10-08 13:25

administrator   ~0000278

Can you post an actual example where having an explicit glue and/or an extra inhibiting primitive would be useful?

Currently, I have doubts on the practical usability of this request.

2009-10-14 13:37


mathsurround.tex (2,775 bytes)

2009-10-14 13:37


mathsurround.dvi (908 bytes)


2009-10-14 13:38


I have posted the example, together with more comments.


2009-10-14 14:12

administrator   ~0000291

I see your point now, thanks for the example

Hans Hagen

2015-10-22 21:38

manager   ~0001468

a new parameter: \mathsurroundskip (when set it replaces \mathsurround)


2015-10-23 09:06

administrator   ~0001472

Originally reported by user Jmugica, who was deleted because of undeliverable email

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