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0000026luatexluatex bugpublic2008-04-17 17:41
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Summary0000026: Wrong calculation of some values
DescriptionThe attached zip is an extract of the Gregorio system for typesetting gregorian chant scores ( The bug happens with the file test.tex (plain LuaTeX), which includes the rather long gregoriotex.tex: it simply sets a single note on the score, but if we uncomment line 249 of gregoriotex (a simple \showthe command), the result is different.

In results/ I've attached the two possible results, when uncommenting the \showte command (test-showthe.pdf) and commenting it out (test-commented.pdf).
Additional InformationSorry I can't be more precise, but the bug seems to be quite real, and independent of the architecture or the LuaTeX version. It has been reported to me by √Člie Roux (, the Gregorio author.
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2008-04-13 03:50 (720,947 bytes)


2008-04-13 21:00

developer   ~0000014

√Člie just confirmed that the intended result is the one with the \showthe commend. Incidentally, replacing that command with something unrelated to calculations, like a \message{Hello world} gives the same (correct) result.


2008-04-16 17:56

reporter   ~0000015

I've just discovered that this bug is not only in omega, aleph and luatex, but also in tex... << here are two tex files to reproduce the bug : gregorio-good and gregorio-bad only differ in one \showthe, and yet the result is different...

Where can I bugreport that ? Could someone help me fixing it ?

Thank you,


2008-04-17 17:39

administrator   ~0000016


  \global\isonaline=\number 0\iftrue1\fi

assigns 1 because the \if... is still part of the assignment.

Removing the % at the end of line 172

  \global\isonaline=\number 0%

fixes the wrong output.

Best wishes,

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