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0000231luatexfeature requestpublic2015-10-24 21:35
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Summary0000231: Sync with latest FontForge sources
DescriptionUpstream FontForge got many interested features over the release included in LuaTeX. Most interesting are JSTF table support, new fontfeature file syntax from adobe and deprecation of old FontForge extensions, and OpenType 1.6 support which has some interesting features like friendly names for stylistic sets.
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2009-05-27 16:58

administrator   ~0000205

A full sync will probably not happen any more (too much work involved)
but choice bits can probably be brought in.


2010-12-01 12:37

administrator   ~0000702


Any chance of a detailed list of new OT features that you want to have supported?
Wading through the latest fontforge source code without a preset idea of what to look for is a rather lengthy process.

Khaled Hosny

2010-12-01 16:40

developer   ~0000704

Sorted by most important for me right now:
* mark sets (my Arabic font is broken without it)
* name IDs for stylistic sets (used in XITS, gives human readable names for the sets)
* latest font feature syntax, the version we have now is quite different from what Adobe currently documents
* JSTF table (low priority, I'd play with it if it were supported, but right now I'm not sure how useful it is)

If there are any patches that might interest upstream (memory fixes, compiler warning etc.) that would make merging a bit easier, I can try to send such patches.

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