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0001023contextbug reportpublic2021-01-28 11:56
ReporterjemmybuttonAssigned ToHans Hagen 
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Summary0001023: outlinetext in MetaPost inside ConTeXt doesn't respect RTL text
DescriptionWith ConTeXt ver: 2020.03.10 14:44 MKIV beta fmt: 2020.7.20 outlinetext doesn't respect RTL text, while textext works just fine.
Steps To Reproduce\definefontfamily [font] [serif] [amiri] [features=arabic]
draw textext("كتاب") withcolor green;
draw outlinetext("كتاب") shifted (0, -15pt) withcolor red;
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2021-01-27 23:15


RTLbug.png (13,565 bytes)
RTLbug.png (13,565 bytes)

Hans Hagen

2021-01-28 11:56

manager   ~0001732

supported in next version (not entirely trivial)

arabic-001.pdf (209,393 bytes)
arabic-001.tex (720 bytes)

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