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0001009contextbug reportpublic2019-07-20 18:49
ReporteritoijalaAssigned ToHans Hagen 
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Summary0001009: MP positionpage and positionpxy incorrect
DescriptionThe positionpage and positionpxy functions defined in mlib-lua.lua incorrectly print the page number to MP.
They use the format %p which results in scaled points. They should be using %i to output the page number as an integer.

See below for a test file showing the problem.
Steps To Reproduce\defineoverlay [backgraphics] [\positionoverlay{backgraphics}]

  numeric func; func := positionpage(texstr("self"));

  numeric manual; manual := lua("mp.numeric(job.positions.collected['" & texstr("self") & "'].p)");




Additional InformationOutput:

metapost > message : 0.00002
metapost > message : 1

Expected output:

metapost > message : 1
metapost > message : 1
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Hans Hagen

2019-07-20 18:49

manager   ~0001714

Thanks for noticing. Fixed in next beta.

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