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0000872luatexluatex limitationpublic2014-03-30 11:33
ReporterHans Hagen Assigned ToHans Hagen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.79.0 
Summary0000872: note: some lua operations set errno
Descriptionsome calls in lua set errno which can then bleed into other functionality that checks on errno assuming that it starts out as zero

there are several solutions:

- each call to a helper that can set errno, first resets it
- we reset errno after each directlua (in fact after each lua call)
- we avoid checking for errno (happens inff lib, mplib, backend writecff)
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Hans Hagen

2014-03-30 11:33

manager   ~0001256

if it shows up again i'll look at it ... we now have callbacks for error messages so more can be intercepted

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