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0000505contextfeature requestpublic2018-06-29 14:46
Reporteradityam Assigned ToHans Hagen  
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Product Version2010-05-08 
Summary0000505: Allow typing environment in footnotes
DescriptionTyping in footnote worked (and still works) in MkII. For example:

Hello \footnote{Typing in footnote

However, in MkIV this gives:

Runaway argument?
test \stoptyping \endstrut \dostopstoreddescription \egroup \the \everyafternoteinsert \ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \dododowithbuffer.

system > error on line 0 in file : File ended while scanning use of \dododowithbuffer ...

<empty file>

<inserted text>
<*> ./test.tex

Additional InformationOne can workaround this by using a buffer outside the footnote and calling the buffer using \typebuffer in the footnote.
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Hans Hagen

2018-06-29 14:46

manager   ~0001702

hard to do

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