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0000453MetaPostfeature requestpublic2010-08-29 14:27
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Target Version2.000 
Summary0000453: importing .eps within mpost?
DescriptionFrom: Don Knuth

Dear Karl,

I'm not sure how to best direct a query to the maintainers of
METAPOST, so again I'm bothering you. Please forward the
following message (which is not at all urgent):

Dear METAPOSTers, Are there plans to provide an "easy" way to
import *.eps files within a METAPOST figure? (It would require
not only inserting the file, as dvips does, but also scanning
it for bounding-box information. If necessary one could limit
the recursion so that e.g. the *.eps file shouldn't already
be an output of METAPOST...) I'm thinking mainly of things like
standard Photoshop EPS files that contain pixel data for images.
Maybe there already is such a facility, and I've missed it? -- Don Knuth
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2010-08-04 00:19

reporter   ~0000598

i will pass along the other replies (exteps package, hans recipes) to dek and report back whether a built-in feature is needed. (seems like overkill, personally.)

luigi scarso

2010-08-04 09:15

manager   ~0000599

Maybe Pstoedit can help ?


2010-08-28 18:11

reporter   ~0000610

since dek hasn't replied further, i think we can safely assume he's ok and close this without changing the sources. if that changes, can always reopen. tx.

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