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0000002luatexluatex bugpublic2008-03-17 14:06
Reporterarthur Assigned ToTaco  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.20.2 
Summary0000002: texio.write truncates strings at a fixed position
DescriptionOn some architectures, texio.write truncates strings at a fixed position, and inserts a line feed (usually every 80 characters, including the latter). Messages from LuaTeX and macro packages that are output with this function then seem to be cut arbitrarily.

The error has been reported on Intel Mac (strings truncated each 79 characters + line feed) and PowerPC Mac (255 chars + line feed).

To reproduce it: try

\directlua0{texio.write_nl("term and log", "Rinderkennzeichnungs- und Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz")}

in *plain* LuaTeX (on a single line, obviously). On Intel Mac, the word is cut before the ‘a’ in “Übertragung”.
Additional InformationBy “character”, I probably mean byte.
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2008-02-12 17:26

developer   ~0000001

Could this be a result of max_print_line in texmf.cnf?


2008-02-12 17:34

developer   ~0000002

Yes, indeed. So it's not a LuaTeX but at all, after all ...

And thanks! It has annoyed me for quite a while, but I didn't know where it came from (and various people I showed it couldn't find out either).


2008-02-12 17:37

administrator   ~0000003

Last edited: 2008-02-12 17:37

Martin is right, this is not really a bug. It is a side-effect of texio.write being a front-end to tex's own logging routine. The effect is not architecture-dependant, it depends on the value of max_print_line in texmf.cnf.


2008-02-12 17:37

developer   ~0000004

Not a luatex bug, but a web2c feature.

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