Scheduled For Release 2009-03-26
0000137: [bug] Incorrect svg ouput (Taco)
0000139: [bug] malformed svg (trunk revision 759 ) (Taco)
0000141: [bug] Crash with complex concatenation of outputformat (Taco)
0000197: [bug] --interaction option on the commandline doesn't work (Taco)
0000198: [bug] When prologues:=3; the list of fonts is partially uncommented. (Taco)
0000208: [feature request] User-createable string-valued internals (Taco)
0000210: [feature request] Add a way to store the paths of a font glyph in a picture (Taco)
0000211: [feature request] Implement a commandline switch to set (some?) internals (Taco)
0000212: [feature request] Allow internals inside outputtemplate (Taco)
0000220: [bug] turningnumber of fullcircle is calculated wrongly (Taco)
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