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0000430contextpublic2010-10-03 07:58
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Summary0000430: feature request: minwidth in description

It would be nice, to have a minimum width for the description label.

I hope, the following example shows well enough, what I'm looking for:

\definedescription[Descr][headstyle=bold, location=hanging, width=broad,
  minwidth=7em, distance=1em]
\startDescr{\hbox to 7em{bla}} % workaround to get minwidth=7em
  \input tufte
\startDescr{\hbox to 7em{bla bla bla\hss}} % workaround to get minwidth=7em
  \input tufte
\startDescr{bla bla bla bla bla bla}
  \input tufte

Cheers, Peter
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