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Summary0001025: Some formatting fixes for the manual
DescriptionI'm just forwarding . The reated patch is here:

Here are some remarks and a fix for some formatting issues in the man page of luatex(1).

Input file is luatex.1


Output from "mandoc -T lint luatex.1"
mandoc: luatex.1:11:129: STYLE: input text line longer than 80 bytes: luatex, dviluatex, l...
mandoc: luatex.1:192:2: WARNING: line scope broken: TP breaks TP


Change -- in x--y to \(em (em-dash), or, if an option, to \-\-

85:in comparison to the standard web2c programs. The presence of \fB--lua\fR


Use the correct macro for the font change of a single argument or split the argument into two.

104:.BI \-\-luaconly


Wrong distance between sentences.

Separate the sentences and subordinate clauses;
each begins on a new line.
See man-pages(7) and "info groff".

The best procedure is to always start a new sentence on a new line, at least, if you are typing on a computer.

Remember coding: Only one command ("sentence") on each (logical) line.

E-mail: Easier to quote exactly the relevant lines.

Generally: Easier to edit the sentence.

Patches: Less unaffected text.

The amount of space between sentences in the output can then be controlled with the ".ss" request.

47:next word is taken as the \fIFMT\fR to read, overriding all else. Any
83:similar fashion as in traditional pdf\*(TX and Aleph. But if the option
85:in comparison to the standard web2c programs. The presence of \fB--lua\fR
98:Start Lua\*(TX as a Lua interpreter. In this mode, it will set Lua's
101:just like the Lua interpreter. Lua\*(TX will exit immediately after
105:Start Lua\*(TX as a Lua byte compiler. In this mode, Lua\*(TX is exactly


Split lines longer than 100 characters into two or more lines with '\'. Appropriate break points are the end of a sentence and a subordinate clause; after punctuation marks.

luatex.1: line 11 length 129
luatex, dviluatex, luahbtex, luajittex, texlua, texluac \- An extended version of TeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language


Do not use "\s0" but an absolute number, as the size of the string could be changed.

8:.if t .ds WB W\s-2EB\s0
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