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0000651luatexluatex bugpublic2011-05-12 10:26
ReportermojcaAssigned ToHans Hagen 
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Product Version0.66.0 
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Summary0000651: \hbox interferes with accent positioning (mark & mkmk)
DescriptionBelow is a minimal example in ConTeXt (one needs to use a font that supports mark&mkmk features). It is reproducible both in LaTeX and ConTeXt. It might as well be a ConTeXt bug (ported to LaTeX at the same time), but I'm reporting it to LuaTeX project (as it would get lost easier in the ConTeXt tracker :).
Steps To Reproduce\definefontfeature[default][default][mode=node,mark=yes,mkmk=yes]

\definedfont[a]a\hbox to 1cm{}\hbox to 1cm{U\char"032F}a
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2011-05-11 20:56


testacc.pdf (6,093 bytes)


2011-05-11 22:12

administrator   ~0000846

Is that inital empty box required to trigger the bug?


2011-05-11 22:27

reporter   ~0000847

No, the following should suffice:
\definedfont[a]\hbox to 1cm{U\char"032F}

Hans Hagen

2011-05-12 10:25

manager   ~0000848

Let's move this off tracker ... (Taco and I discussed this relative positioning and decided that we need to make a reference font for this. One problem is that some mechanisms were written using dubious fonts.)

Hans Hagen

2011-05-12 10:26

manager   ~0000849

not a luatex engine issue

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