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0000583contextunexpected behaviourpublic2011-02-19 15:302017-03-27 17:10
Hans Hagen 
0000583: margin=0pt ignored in \definedescription
Does it make sense, that context overwrites the margin=0pt?

Imagine, you have some wrapper (simplified user-friendly macro):

\definedescription[SpecialDesc][location=hanging, margin=1em] % 1em = default

Now, because of this (for me unexpected) behaviour, the \SetMargin
becomes more complicated:
if 0000001 == 0pt then location=serried else margin=0000001 endif

IMHO, it would make more sense, if context just accepts the user
supplied margin, and when location=hanging and margin=0, then it prints
a warning message: "Hey, you can get the same with location=serried!"

\definedescription[Test][location=hanging, margin=0pt]
  \input tufte
  \input tufte
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